Best way to unlock Emoji on the iPhone (before iOS 5)

Update: for iOS 5 and iOS 6 you generally do not need an app to unlock!

There are two well known ways: Emoji Free (fastest) and Spell Number (most legitimate). Both are free apps. Spell Number is recommended and described below.

1 Download SPELL NUMBER (Search for This App in the App Store)

2 Enter This Number: 91929394.59

3 Press the home button. Emoji is now unlocked. It's waiting for you to turn it on! Restart your phone if you don't see "Emoji" in the next step.

4 Tap Here: Settings->General->Keyboard->International Keyboards->Japanese

5 Toggle the Switch for Emoji to on!

That's it! you're done. You have it forever.

The globe icon will appear next to the keyboard.

The Emoji keyboard can be turned off in the keyboard menu. The app just "flips a switch" in the device so once you have Emoji you can delete the app. On any screen that the keyboard is available you will see a little globe near your spacebar. Click it to see emojis, Swipe left and right to see the pages in each category.

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