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Emoji Information
Relieved Face

People Category

Relieved Face

Cara aliviada

A face with arched eyebrows, closed peaceful eyes and small relaxed smile. Something good just happened to this emoji, potentially a bit of good news or the conclusions of a significant project. Regardless of the reason, everything about this emoji portrays relieved contentment.

Emoji General Information

Twitter Emoji Popularity (Rank) 23 of 846
Twitter Emoji Popularity iOS 8 22 of 846
Apple/iOS Picture
Android/Hangouts Picture
Twitter.com Picture
LG Emoji Picture
Samsung Emoji Picture
Phantom Open Emoji Picture
ASCII Conversion
"Short Code" Name :relieved:
Keywords Relieved, Satisfied, Phew, Relief

Unicode Category Information

Unicode Category Emoticons
Unicode Range 1F600–1F64F
Unicode Subcategory Faces

Editorial Comment

Took a deep breath. Normal face with closed eyes and happy. Not blushing. iEmoji old name: Satisfied

Proposed Unicode Information & Notes

Unicode Category Faces and Smiley's
Unicode Subcategory Faces
Names & Annotations RELIEVED FACE
Symbol Information U+1F60C proposed
Proposal Identifier e-33E

Character Mapping/Crosswalk Notes

DoCoMo  #Exp.22 'Relief face' ほっとした顔 「hotsutoshita顔」 U+E721 SJIS-F9C6 JIS-7979
KDDI  #446 てれてれ 「teretere」 U+EAC5 SJIS-F399 JIS-7979
Softbank  #10 #old357 表情(ほっ) 「表情(hotsu)」 U+E40A SJIS-FB4A

Emoji Character Encoding Data Hints: [1] In iOS 5 / OSX 10.7, the underlying code that the Apple OS generates for this emoji was changed.

Emoji Code Representation Softbank
(iOS 2 - iOS 4)
Unified Unicode
iOS 5 - current
UTF-8 Unicode Character(s)  😌
UTF-8 Character Count 1 1
Character(s) In Input
AppleColorEmoji Font (available in OSX/iOS)  😌
Decimal HTML Entity  😌
Hexadecimal HTML Entity  😌
Hex Code Point(s) e40a 1f60c
Formal Unicode Notation U+E40A U+1F60C
Decimal Code Point(s) 58378 128524
UTF-8 Hex (C Syntax) 0xEE 0x90 0x8A 0xF0 0x9F 0x98 0x8C
UTF-8 Hex Bytes EE 90 8A F0 9F 98 8C
UTF-8 Octal Bytes 356 220 212 360 237 230 214
UTF-16 Hex (C Syntax) 0xE40A 0xD83D 0xDE0C
UTF-16 Hex e40a d83dde0c
UTF-16 Dec 58378 55357 56844
UTF-32 Hex (C Syntax) 0x0000E40A 0x0001F60C
UTF-32 Hex E40A 01F60C
UTF-32 Dec 58378 128524
Python Src u"\uE40A" u"\U0001F60C"
PHP Src "\xee\x90\x8a" "\xf0\x9f\x98\x8c"
C/C++/Java Src "\uE40A" "\uD83D\uDE0C"

Emoji Character Encoding Data (equivalent or similiar)

Emoji EncodingDoCoMoKDDIGoogle
UTF-8 Unicode Character(s)󾌾
UTF-8 Character Count111
Character(s) In Input
Decimal HTML Entity󾌾
Hexadecimal HTML Entity󾌾
Hex Code Point(s)e721eac5fe33e
Formal Unicode NotationU+E721U+EAC5U+FE33E
Decimal Code Point(s)59169601011041214
UTF-8 Hex (C Syntax)0xEE 0x9C 0xA10xEE 0xAB 0x850xF3 0xBE 0x8C 0xBE
UTF-8 Hex BytesEE 9C A1EE AB 85F3 BE 8C BE
UTF-8 Octal Bytes356 234 241356 253 205363 276 214 276
UTF-16 Hex (C Syntax)0xE7210xEAC50xDBB8 0xDF3E
UTF-16 Hexe721eac5dbb8df3e
UTF-16 Dec591696010156248 57150
UTF-32 Hex (C Syntax)0x0000E7210x0000EAC50x000FE33E
UTF-32 HexE721EAC50FE33E
UTF-32 Dec59169601011041214
Python Srcu"\uE721"u"\uEAC5"u"\U000FE33E"
PHP Src"\xee\x9c\xa1""\xee\xab\x85""\xf3\xbe\x8c\xbe"
C/C++/Java Src"\uE721""\uEAC5""\uDBB8\uDF3E"