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bradlindsey1618 @bradlindsey1618
@laurakaterohm welcome to my world
12 Jan 13 copy & paste +upvote -downvote @laurakaterohm welcome to my world 🚬
_errriinnn @_errriinnn
I can emoji now
12 Jan 13 copy & paste +upvote -downvote 🚬😜💀👍💃💣💰💊🔪💉 I can emoji now
Ms_GoHardd @Ms_GoHardd
11 Mar 12 copy & paste +upvote -downvote @forever_xOfaded 🚬✌😍❤💚💜💋
wow  @LilSxave
I need a cigarette
30 Jun 14 copy & paste +upvote -downvote I need a cigarette 🚬
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Objects Category: All sorts of inanimate items such as, money, TVs, VCRs, scissors, lights, bed, bath, and weapons. These emoji are for celebrating, and paying your respects.

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