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Persevering Face

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Persevering Face

Cara perseverando

A face with tightly-closed (boomerang) eyes, large curved eyebrows and slightly downturned curved mouth. This is one determined emoji, bound to accomplish greatness. Bolster, sustain, or uphold. Insist. To persist in anything undertaken. To maintain in spite of difficulty or discouragement; continuing steadfastly. A champ!

Emoji History The emoji code/ image log of changes.

  1. This emoji was part of the proprietary / non-standardized emoji set first introduced by Japanese carriers like Softbank. These emojis became part of the Apple iPhone starting in iOS 2.2 as an unlockable feature on handsets sold in English speaking countries.
  2. In iOS 5 / OSX 10.7, the underlying code that the Apple OS generates for this emoji was changed.

Emoji General Information

Twitter Emoji Popularity (Rank) 143 of 2393
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ASCII Conversion
"Short Code" Name :persevere:
Keywords Endure, Persevere

Unicode Category Information

Unicode Category Emoticons
Unicode Range 1F600–1F64F
Unicode Subcategory Faces

Editorial Comment

iEmoji old name: Sad and annoyed. Nothing seems to be going right.

Proposed Unicode Information & Notes

Unicode Category Faces and Smiley's
Unicode Subcategory Faces
Names & Annotations PERSEVERING FACE Temporary Notes: failure, disappointment
Symbol Information U+1F623 proposed
Proposal Identifier e-33C

Character Mapping/Crosswalk Notes

DoCoMo Β #Exp.32 'Enduring face' γŒγΎγ‚“ι‘” γ€Œgaman鑔」 U+E72B SJIS-F9D0 JIS-7976
KDDI Β #443 ε€±ζ•— U+EAC2 SJIS-F396 JIS-7976
Softbank Β #23 #old353 葨情(あけゃー) γ€Œθ‘¨ζƒ…(achiyaa)」 U+E406 SJIS-FB46

Emoji Character Encoding Data

Emoji Code Version iOS 4 Code
UTF-8 Unicode Character(s) 
UTF-8 Character Count 1
Character(s) In Input
AppleColorEmoji Font (available in OSX/iOS) 
Decimal HTML Entity 
Hexadecimal HTML Entity 
Hex Code Point(s) e406
Formal Unicode Notation U+E406
Decimal Code Point(s) 58374
UTF-8 Hex (C Syntax) 0xEE 0x90 0x86
UTF-8 Hex Bytes EE 90 86
UTF-8 Octal Bytes 356 220 206
UTF-16 Hex (C Syntax) 0xE406
UTF-16 Hex e406
UTF-16 Dec 58374
UTF-32 Hex (C Syntax) 0x0000E406
UTF-32 Hex E406
UTF-32 Dec 58374
Python Src u"\uE406"
PHP Src "\xee\x90\x86"
C/C++/Java Src "\uE406"
Emoji Code Version iOS 5 - Current
UTF-8 Unicode Character(s) 😣
UTF-8 Character Count 1
Character(s) In Input
AppleColorEmoji Font (available in OSX/iOS) 😣
Decimal HTML Entity 😣
Hexadecimal HTML Entity 😣
Hex Code Point(s) 1f623
Formal Unicode Notation U+1F623
Decimal Code Point(s) 128547
UTF-8 Hex (C Syntax) 0xF0 0x9F 0x98 0xA3
UTF-8 Hex Bytes F0 9F 98 A3
UTF-8 Octal Bytes 360 237 230 243
UTF-16 Hex (C Syntax) 0xD83D 0xDE23
UTF-16 Hex d83dde23
UTF-16 Dec 55357 56867
UTF-32 Hex (C Syntax) 0x0001F623
UTF-32 Hex 01F623
UTF-32 Dec 128547
Python Src u"\U0001F623"
PHP Src "\xf0\x9f\x98\xa3"
C/C++/Java Src "\uD83D\uDE23"

Emoji Character Encoding Data (equivalent or similiar)

Emoji EncodingDoCoMoKDDIGoogle
UTF-8 Unicode Character(s)ξœ«ξ«‚σΎŒΌ
UTF-8 Character Count111
Character(s) In Input
Decimal HTML Entity󾌼
Hexadecimal HTML Entity󾌼
Hex Code Point(s)e72beac2fe33c
Formal Unicode NotationU+E72BU+EAC2U+FE33C
Decimal Code Point(s)59179600981041212
UTF-8 Hex (C Syntax)0xEE 0x9C 0xAB0xEE 0xAB 0x820xF3 0xBE 0x8C 0xBC
UTF-8 Hex BytesEE 9C ABEE AB 82F3 BE 8C BC
UTF-8 Octal Bytes356 234 253356 253 202363 276 214 274
UTF-16 Hex (C Syntax)0xE72B0xEAC20xDBB8 0xDF3C
UTF-16 Hexe72beac2dbb8df3c
UTF-16 Dec591796009856248 57148
UTF-32 Hex (C Syntax)0x0000E72B0x0000EAC20x000FE33C
UTF-32 HexE72BEAC20FE33C
UTF-32 Dec59179600981041212
Python Srcu"\uE72B"u"\uEAC2"u"\U000FE33C"
PHP Src"\xee\x9c\xab""\xee\xab\x82""\xf3\xbe\x8c\xbc"
C/C++/Java Src"\uE72B""\uEAC2""\uDBB8\uDF3C"

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