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• fourth of the signs of the Asian zodiac

A rabbit is a small furry animal that hops around and lives in a hole. Generally thought of as being cute and extremely good a reproducing (making babies and multiplying). A bunny is a baby rabbit. Some of the more well known rabbits are those in Beatrix Potter's children stories (e.g., Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter), Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, and of course, the Easter bunny. This emoji is used frequently on Easter day.

Emoji History The emoji code/ image log of changes.

  1. This emoji first appeared in OSX / iOS after the iOS 5 update.

Emoji General Information

Twitter Emoji Popularity (Rank) 707 of 2393
Apple/iOS Picture
Google Android Picture
Google Hangouts Picture
Twitter.com Picture
LG Emoji Picture
Samsung Emoji Picture
Phantom Open Emoji Picture Not created yet
ASCII Conversion
"Short Code" Name :rabbit2:
Keywords Rabbit, Bunny, Easter, Reproduction, Prolific

Unicode Category Information

Unicode Category Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
Unicode Range 1F300–1F5FF
Unicode Subcategory Animal Symbols

Editorial Comment

Most children don't know what sound a rabbit makes.

Emoji Character Encoding Data

Emoji Code Version iOS 5 - Current
UTF-8 Unicode Character(s) 🐇
UTF-8 Character Count 1
Character(s) In Input
AppleColorEmoji Font (available in OSX/iOS) 🐇
Decimal HTML Entity 🐇
Hexadecimal HTML Entity 🐇
Hex Code Point(s) 1f407
Formal Unicode Notation U+1F407
Decimal Code Point(s) 128007
UTF-8 Hex (C Syntax) 0xF0 0x9F 0x90 0x87
UTF-8 Hex Bytes F0 9F 90 87
UTF-8 Octal Bytes 360 237 220 207
UTF-16 Hex (C Syntax) 0xD83D 0xDC07
UTF-16 Hex d83ddc07
UTF-16 Dec 55357 56327
UTF-32 Hex (C Syntax) 0x0001F407
UTF-32 Hex 01F407
UTF-32 Dec 128007
Python Src u"\U0001F407"
PHP Src "\xf0\x9f\x90\x87"
C/C++/Java Src "\uD83D\uDC07"

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